Thursday, May 19, 2011

"1st Giveaway by RedRidingBow"

This month is a very special month for me n my hubby.. we both were officially married on 24th May 2008. I would like to share my happiness with you guys!

To all my supportive frens, followers, readers x dilupakan jugak silent readers =) RedRidingBow will be giving away not one but TWO Mini Pretty Bow Bags!!!!!!! PB Yellow n PB Choc =)

Giveaway rules =)

1. Put this picture on your blog and write a entry bout this giveaway.. senang aje!
Title of your entry "1st Giveaway by RedRidingBow"

2. Be my follower and "Like" RedRidingBow Facebook Page.

3. Put RedRidingBow's link on your blog and copy RRB's banner below on your sidebar.
This is optional je.. but if you do this, i'll automatically double your entry for this GA!

<center><a href=""><img width=175 height=175 alt=""src="" /><br /></a></center>
4. xder blog? you still can join this GA. All you have to do is.. upload 1st GA pic on your FB's wall don't forget to put a link to this GA. Then publish your post to everyone. Jgn lupa.. everyone yer..Please choose 'Everyone' option, so  RRB pon bole tengok post tuh =)

5. All setel?  come back to RRB's blog and leave a comment + link of your entry.

6. Pencarian 2 pemenang bertuah GA akan berjalan sebulan.. Starting from today May 9,2011 until June 9,2011. 2 Winners will be selected randomly by 


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