Friday, June 3, 2011

1st Anniversary Contest

As promised, I would like to announce the 1st Anniversary Contest in this entry. This contest will start 1 June 2011 until end of this month. So you all will have a time line to do this contest :).

My Online Boutique For You Contest is about to create new, simple & creative tagline for this blog.

Here are the T & C:

 1. This contest is open to all Malaysian blogger who have Malaysia address.
2. Must be My Online Boutique blog follower, Nona's Wardrobe Clearance blog follower and be My Online Boutique For You fb fan. Click "LIKE" My Online Boutique For You Facebook page.
3. Put above picture to your entry blog, side bar and add into your blog list. Don't forget to back link to this entry as well.
4. Create one simple entry about this contest in your blog with title "1st Anniversary My Online Boutique Contest" and back link to this entry as well.
5. Leave your id follower (blog and Facebook), email, your link entry and the tagline in this entry's comment.
6. This contest start from 1 June 2011 until 30 June 2011. Means you all have 1 month to prepare and join this contest :)
7. Tag 5 of your friends and make sure they all know that they have been tag.
8. 3 winners will be choose base on the creativity and best tagline.

Winners will be given:

1st winner
3 scarfs by My Online Boutique For You
* 1 instance scarf, 1 syria & 1 pashmina plus 1 cotton inner

Second winner
2 scarfs by My Online Boutique For You
* 1 instance scarf & 1 pashmina plus 1 cotton inner

Third winner
1 scarf by My Online Boutique For You
* 1 syria plus 1 cotton inner

So that's all about this contest and good luck :) !


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butique4u said...


thank you Cik Meifaa' for publish my contest here :)