Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Giveaway Some Goodies From Disney Junior

Yupppp...I am giving away some goodies i got from Disney Junior past event.

The goodies consist of :
-A  Minnie Plush toy
-A Disney Junior Note Book
-A  Jake Sling Bag
-A height chart
- Stickers
- A Mug (not from DJ, but from the warehouse sale..hehhee)

Ok, 3 special steps... THAT'S ALL YOU NEED...**oops sounds like Special Agent Oso mission..
3 Special Steps.....Ooo sounds like a plan!
1) Participant must be my blog follower
2) Write a simple entry on this giveaway in your blog and include the picture above in your entry too.
3) Once done, drop a comment in my comment box with the link of your entry.
**Failure to comply to any steps above mentioned, will not be included in the draw***

Since Disney Junior will be replacing Playhouse Disney on 11th July 2011, I shall draw out the lucky winner on the same day as well. Therefore, the giveaway will end on 10th July 2011.

Hope to hear from you....



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