Wednesday, June 8, 2011

♥...Love2cook Malaysia turns 2 & A Giveaway!...

4th June 2009, the day I created And today, marks its 2nd Blogoversary with 391 posts! Well, it could have been more if I never take breaks here and there, haha...

So, what made me to blog and that too on food? Honestly, I started cooking quite late after marriage. I cook, but not a good cook at all, just to fill the tummy... errr! Still remember my rice turned into porridge the first few times. Chicken and fish pieces sticked to pan while frying. Ooooh! I was so clumsy and get hurt all the time.

Hubby has been my backbone all the while! As a sole critic, his honest views and comments helped me to improve my cooking skills. He too sometimes rocks in the kitchen! He'll make cooking a real fun thing to do...

I call my Mum almost everyday to ask for recipes with so much queries. Started the basic from from her dishes actually. I then tried new recipes from the net and also posted my dishes to a cooking portal, where I found most of my Malay bloggerfriends there. I'm still in touch with most of them until today..;)

Then, came the idea of a blog! I discussed with Hubby through e-mail (he was on ship at that time) and am given green signal rightaway. I created a blog, did whatever I needed and when Hubby commented it's a great start, there's no turning back eversince. Fun getting know the widgets and html codes. For sometime, I was more into changing layouts and header of my blog. Yeah, I change them every month. Haha! Finally, sticked to the current for almost 9 months..

I enjoyed blogging, posting mine and other's recipes with pictures. Yes, I was first using my handphone camera to shoot pics, though my Hubby's dslr was around at that time too. A little hesitant to use his dslr. Later some time, Hubby managed to pursuade me to use his camera. That brought a twist in my blog and it's a Canon EOS 450D ugraded with Tamron 90mm Macro lens and 50mm USM lens currently.

Apart from food, I do also post about my kids. I know it has been such a long gap since my kids made their special appearance here! They are pretty busy like Mum too...hehe!

What makes me happy about blogging? Readers and friends' feedbacks! Love reading them. It is so satisfying to see many tried my recipes and post to their blogs. Especially my chicken dishes! The famous hit would be my Ayam Goreng Berempah Serai. (Lemongrass Spicy Fried Chicken). I too learnt so much new things especially in baking.

A circle of friends, is another wonderful thing I found through blogging. The circle is of course getting larger and larger.

Overall, blogging is so fun and satisfying! Of course, being a homestay wife and occupies my time well when I have absolutely nothing to do. Yes, family is my is next.

As a token of appreciation to all your supports and feedbacks these 2 years, I'd like to announce a Giveaway in conjunction with my 2nd Blogoversary.

Simple T&C applies;
  1. The Giveaway is open to bloggers and readers residing in MALAYSIA only.
  2. Be my blog's Public Follower via Google Friend Connect. (located under my blog header)
  3. 'Like' my FB Page LOVE2COOK MALAYSIA. ( if you have a Facebook account)
  4. Leave your name together with your blog link (if you have) in the comment space under this post. Mention "Join" in your comment if you are interested. (pls do not repeat your entries)
  5. Send in your entry by 3rd July 2011, 12 midnight Malaysian time.
  6. 2 winners will be announced after a draw via
  7. Winners to contact me via e-mail providing name,  mailing address and contact number within a week from the announced date. Failing to do so, another winner will be chosen.
That's so simple na!

Okey, what am I actually giving away??? A box full of Goodies.  I've not decided on the goodies as yet. For sure, a good reward for your support!

So, what are you waiting for, let's get started! Will you be one of the 2 lucky winners? Do spread the word to all! 

Good Luck friends and Thank You once again to my readers, followers, friends and all!


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